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Welcome to the WBEA New Teacher Information Site. This site is to help newly hired teachers be informed of policies that they need to be aware of.

Teacher Contract
- All information needed for new teachers in West Bridgewater is located in the 2011-2014 teacher contract. You can view and download a copy below:
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Teacher Certification
- It is very important that new teachers are informed of certification. Below you will see a table which outlines the basic process for going from your initial license to your professional license. It provides many ways to achieve a professional license for teaching in Massachusetts.

- If you cannot qualify for the professional license within the 5 year time frame of your initial license, you can apply for an initial license extension one time only which provides for another 5 years of certification while you complete the requirements for a professional license.  According to the Department of Education you need the following to extend your initial license:

1. If you have been employed under an Initial license for five years and have not satisfied the
licensure requirements necessary to advance it to a Professional license then you may want to
consider applying for an extension of the Initial license (Initial-Extension) and submit the
letter noted below. Please submit a letter signed by a principal, superintendent, or head
administrator validating five years of employment under your Initial license for this field
and grade level. The letter must be dated and include the length of your experience as well as
the specific role in which you were employed. This letter must be on official school
letterhead from the school where the employment was gained. Under your license is defined here
as meaning employment in the role and at the grade of the Initial license from the date it was

2. Type out and submit the following letter to the DOE:
 "I (insert name) plan to complete the requirements for a Professional (insert field and grade
level) license, as noted in the Regulations for Educator Licensure and Preparation Program
Approval 603 CMR 7.00, within the five years of employment allowed under the Initial-Extension
license." Please put your Massachusetts Educator License Number or Massachusetts Education
Personnel ID (MEPID) on all documents submitted.

Please note that some majors need different requirements and requirements may change over time so you should always refer to the DOE website ahead of time to double check requirements.  It can take quite a while to receive certification (a couple months typically) so you should take that in mind when recertifying.

In order to recertify you must go and login to the DOE Educator Licensure Website: (http://www.doe.mass.edu/educators/e_license.html)

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